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Legacy Giving

2015 Annual Appeal

A Living Legacy

Throughout our history, the commitment by participants of their time, talent and treasure has been the catalyst for the   energy needed to drive our mission to new levels of depth and breadth.

Building on the legacy of so many who have passed through our doors since 1976, the Community Center has united the residents of this area for decades.  Today’s program participants benefit from the generosity of prior generations.

Building a Legacy

The time has come to build upon this legacy we have received to pass on to those who will follow us.  As times are changing we must continue to meet the challenges we face, ensuring that the  Community Center is endowed and equipped to continue and grow.

What will a Legacy Gift Do?

The impact of a Legacy gift depends upon the wishes of the donor. It can provide for the annual operational  and maintenance expenses of the Community Center that are not covered through corporate and government grants. It can be invested as an endowment and managed by a professional portfolio manager so that the gift can grow with the proceeds being invested in the Community
Center in perpetuity. It can also take the form of a Special Gift that is designed for a very specific, short term need. Some gifts have been large and some have been modest, but all have been a blessing to the Community Center.

Ways to Benefit the Community Center Now

  • Endowment Fund
  • Special Gifts
  • Appreciated Securities
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Real Estate

Ways to Benefit the Community Center Later

  • Bequest in Will
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Accounts

Certain types of legacy giving strategies have tax advantages.  The Community Center is not in a position to provide  advice on estate or tax planning and, therefore, we encourage you to seek professional advice.

Getting Started

The Community Center can provide you with additional information about each of these methods. 
For more information email Executive Director Mark Pursley or call (425) 432-1272..