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2016 Annual Appeal

Making a Difference Every Day2016 Annual Appeal

Great things happen at the Community Center every day thanks to the support of you, your neighbors and so many others.

But we have some challenges ahead of us.  United Way of King County’s shift in funding priorities will mean a cut of up to $60,000 in support for the Community Center over the next year.

That's why We're asking for Your help

Will you consider a tax deductible gift that will help us to continue our programming for seniors, teens, youth and families?

View 2016 Annual Appeal Letter (PDF 651 KB)

  • $2,400 will provide 430 meals for fixed-income seniors
  • $1,200 will provide scholarships for two at-risk teens for an entire summer of our 2017 Teen Program
  • $ 600 will provide two weeks of lights, heat, insurance and other facility costs that allow for toddlers, mental health counseling, developmentally challenged adults, AA, and so many other local groups to meet in our building.
  • $ 300 will provide two blankets and a hygiene kit for 13 homeless individuals or families that seek support from the Community Center.
  • $120 will provide two months of maintenance on our emergency generator so that we can respond in the event of a catastrophe.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference today. For program information, please email Executive Director Mark Pursley or call 425-432-1272.

You may be able to double or triple the impact of your gift through a match from your employer.  Check with your HR department to see if your gift qualifies.