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Who Are We?

The Greater Maple Valley Community Center is one of the favorite gathering places for community in the area. The GMVCC service area includes Maple Valley, Hobart, Ravensdale and unincorporated King  County within the Tahoma school district (90 square miles). Activities and support services are provided both on and off site and the scope of programming is intergenerational - serving families, youth and senior adults. We are an independent non-profit 501(c)( 3) organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors

Pillars of Service

The Community Center regularly examines our role in our community and how we can most successfully meet those human service needs unmet by other organizations.  A result of this process is that we update and refine our service delivery model. 

As a Board, we are striving to better communicate to the public the value that we bring to the community.  This effort has led us to develop the "Four Pillars of Service" (PDF 256 KB) at the Community Center.  While we continue to offer multi-generational programming, we feel our services are better defined as being Prevention, Health & Wellness, Community and the Warming Center.

Our services promote one or more of the Four Pillars of Service: Prevention, Health & Wellness, Community and the Warming Center. 

2015 Four Pillars Presentation

Mike Maryanski

Mike Maryanski’s Four Pillars presentation at the 2015 Benefit Breakfast.

Health & Wellness

Health and Fitness Pillar

The Health & Wellness Pillar helps people become active participants in managing their health and lifestyle.  Programs focus on the mental, physical, emotional and social components of everyday life to promote independent living and aging in place.

Health & Wellness Brochure (PDF 196 KB)

Services promoting the Health & Wellness Pillar

For more information email Mark or call the Community Center at 425-432-1272.


Health and Fitness Pillar

Providing programs, activities and/or guidance that seek to reduce or deter specific or predictable problems.  Protect the current state of well-being, or promote desired outcomes or behaviors.

Prevention Brochure (PDF 173 KB)

Services promoting the Prevention Pillar

For more information email Mark or call the Community Center at 425-432-1272.


Health and Fitness Pillar

We serve as the hub, or gathering place, for the varied and diverse elements of our local society.  We provide support for groups to develop kinship, positive growth and a cooperative spirit to better our neighborhoods.  We are building centered but not building bound.

Community Brochure (PDF 174 KB)

Services promoting the Community Pillar

For more information email Mark or call the Community Center at 425-432-1272.

Warming Center

Health and Fitness Pillar

This Emergency Warming Center will provide temporary relief and comfort for our most vulnerable populations in the event of a cold weather emergency.  Our efforts will be coordinated with the Maple Valley EOC and emergency response teams (Red Cross, King County etc.) to the greatest extent possible.

Warming Center Brochure (PDF 170 KB)

Services promoting the Warming Center Pillar

The Community Center, with the help of multiple funding partners, has invested in a 130 KW, natural gas powered generator. This equipment will allow the Community Center to open as a warming center when the City of Maple Valley declares a cold weather emergency. Thanks to our commercial kitchen, the Community Center will be able to provide hot meals as well as warmth when power is down for an extended time. The staffing of the warming center will rely heavily on volunteers since GMVCC staff may not be able to travel to the facility due to hazardous roads. Community Preparation: While the Community Center will provide services in the event of a cold weather emergency, our ability to serve the public is limited by the size of our building. Therefore, it is important for each household in our service area to be prepared in the event of any type of emergency or disaster.

For more information email Mark or call the Community Center at 425-432-1272.